Available courses

Learning Outcome:

  1. To learn about communication system, new information and technology and its application.
  2. To develop an insight on Behaviour Change Communication.
  3. To apply BCC approach in environment and health promotion and sustainable development activities.

 Course Outcome:

CO1: Demonstrate skills in using tools to assess human behaviour

CO2: To impart skills on carrying out research, design, development, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of C4D interventions

CO3: To facilitate on the field exposure to techniques of designing and developing effective C4D strategies, interventions for social transformation.

Course Instructor: Sithara Balan V

The course aims to:

1. Understand the key concepts and skills in effective programme design and evaluation.

2. Demonstrate the ability to develop, implement and constructively evaluate programme and evaluation plans.

3. Develop tools for monitoring and evaluation of extension programmes.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Sithara Balan V

This course is designed to:

1. appreciate gender as a socio-cultural constraint.

2. understand the concept, need, relevance and dimension's of women's empowerment, programmes and policies to empower women.

3. enable students to identify gender disparities, imbalances and problems of women.

4. gain an understanding of legal and other support systems aimed at women's empowerment.

5. develop gender concerns in students and work for creating a gender just society.


This course aims to-

1. Know the problems of population explosion

2. Understand various trends in population- India vs Global

Learning Outcome:

By the end of this course, the participant will be able to understand the changing trends in the population growth across the globe.

Mode of learning:  Online

Course Resources and Activities: Video Tutorials/ Lecture notes/ Activities/ Quiz/ Assignments

Course Instructor:  Dr.Sithara Balan V